Solvalley School Guide – Cheats For Solvalley School


Solvalley School Guide is an interactive game combining dating sim and visual novel elements. Follow Alex, a young student in his local high school, through his adventures and help him develop his abilities so as to win over all of the girls! With nearly 100 events and several hours of gameplay time available in this game, as well as various animated scenes included.

How to download

Solvalley School is a combination of dating sim and visual novel, following Alex as he attends an elementary school nearby. You must help him develop his abilities to win over as many girls as possible! With over 30 girls featured, hours of gameplay time, and numerous animations to boot!

To download Solvalley School, click on the download button below and follow the instructions. After your file has finished downloading, open it in your file manager to install. Upon completion of installation, launch and enjoy! If any problems arise during either process, please reach out – and we will get them resolved as quickly as possible! Thanks for playing!


Are you searching for cheats for the Solvalley School game? This article provides all the necessary information. Cheats allow players to experience more from playing this game without worrying about money running out or mission completion, giving you more freedom and enjoyment while increasing the overall experience.

The Solvalley School is an engaging blend of dating simulation and visual novel that follows Alex, an adventurous student at his local high school. Players must help Alex enhance his abilities so he can win as many girls as possible! With over 30 girls to meet and 100 events to attend – you have several hours of gameplay ahead!

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