The Best Sweet Shops in Philadelphia


Whether you’re craving paper-thin crepes, a decadent lava cake, or an old-fashioned cannoli, Philadelphia has you covered with the city’s best sweet shops.

Check out Anthony’s Italian Coffee & Chocolate House in the Reading Terminal Market for a classic Italian treat. You’ll find a trove of chocolate-covered pretzels, dark chocolate truffles, and other sweets at this family-run business.

Franklin Fountain

This quaint and authentic ice cream parlor is a blast from the past. Opened in 2004 by brothers Eric and Ryan Berley, Franklin Fountain brings patrons back to the era of old-timey soda fountains and their passionate costumed employees.

There’s a working box telephone, a significant antique cash register, and thick paper straws to bring customers sweet treats. It’s the perfect blend of old-timey with new-age nostalgia.

It’s a throwback to when going to an ice cream parlor was essential for families. The Berley brothers are committed to reviving old-timey flavors and bringing them to life in their unique way.

The Bakeshop on Twentieth

The Bakeshop on Twentieth is an upscale, Black-owned bakery serving classics and specialty items. Its menu includes croissants, cookies, scones, bread, rolls, sticky buns, and brownies.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the bakery offers unique creations like salted caramel banana and strawberry ’n cream pudding cups. The shop also provides a variety of chocolate chip cookie flavors and cupcakes.

The Freihofer Baking Company was founded by William and Charles Freihofer in Camden, New Jersey, in 1893. They moved their business to Philadelphia, and the brothers soon became one of the city’s largest breadmakers.

Sweet As Fudge

Sweet As Fudge is located in Reading Terminal Market, the “Sweetest Place in Town!” With fresh fudge, homemade brittles, and chocolates, you won’t be able to resist this shop. You can pick up a box of their indulgent chocolates or gift them to a loved one.

Aside from fudge, this shop also offers a variety of old-fashioned candies. You’ll find bins of retro mix-and-match penny candies, a riot of color, and neat packages of nuts and fruit in every imaginable shape.

Aside from a selection of fudge and brittles, this shop also sells candy bars and chocolate-covered pretzels. You can even order a custom gift box with your favorite candy flavors! Check out their website for a complete list of the store’s products.

John & Kira’s

Back in the industrial heyday of Philadelphia, chocolate manufacturing ruled the city and spawned a host of iconic products. While those days may be behind us, the Philadelphia chocolate scene is alive and well.

A small but mighty company with fans in the foodie stratosphere, John & Kira’s has been a leading voice in sustainable chocolate that doesn’t compromise on flavor. They also have a thoughtful mission, partnerships with family-owned businesses, and an excellent Urban Farm Project.

Their chocolate-filled figs are as pretty to look at as they taste. The best part is the ganache is surprisingly rich and satisfying without making you feel too guilty about all that sugar. It’s a worthy addition to any self-proclaimed chocoholic’s stash. The real prize, though, is their customer service.

Lore’s Chocolates

Lore’s Chocolates is a Philadelphia-based chocolate shop that has been in operation for over 50 years. It is a family-owned and operated gourmet chocolate manufacturer and retail store located just one block west of the Liberty Bell. Their sweets are made from the highest quality ingredients, and their signature confections are hand molded and filled. They also offer a variety of other goodies, including hot cocoa, dessert toppings, and fudge.

Lore’s chocolate shop draws inspiration from the rich history of its neighborhood and uses classic chocolate-making techniques to create high-quality treats. In addition to its signature chocolates, the shop also offers specialty candies and gift boxes. This is the perfect place to stop on your way through Old City Philadelphia if you are looking for a chocolate shop that offers something for everyone.