The Under Armour Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour


The Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour is a nationwide tournament series offering leagues and National Championships for boys and girls aged 6-18 in specific age divisions.

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Become a Junior Golfer

If you’re thinking about becoming a junior golfer, you must understand both your goals and skill level clearly. Also important: researching available tournaments near your location; choosing games that fit well with your schedule; having access to transport, as some events could be very far away; creating a plan that makes sense for both yourself and your family; being accountable to this journey!

Establishing a successful junior golf program takes patience and persistence, but its rewards can be substantial for both players and coaches alike. A successful program will feature a structured yet challenging curriculum with a solid commitment from all involved – players as well as coaches! Furthermore, its primary objective should be developing fundamental golfing skills.

Finding a local golf academy offering programs tailored specifically towards children is the ideal way to introduce them to golf so they can gain confidence on the course and learn more about the game while being exposed to drills and games that can help enhance their game.

Beginner golfers will benefit from participating in club tournaments explicitly designed for them at local golf academies. Such games give beginners an opportunity to compete against peers with similar skill levels and learn how to handle pressure on the course, as well as serve as preparation for future regional and national competitions.

PGA Jr League provides another excellent way for your child to experience competitive golf while helping develop skills and forming positive golfing attitudes. According to studies, concentration, and physical anxiety levels increase significantly when parents expect them to perform well or are too invested in their success.

Once a junior has reached an acceptable performance level, they should begin considering college golf. Most universities require that children play at a certain skill level, so your game must remain strong. A great time to reach out to colleges would be during the summer between ninth and tenth grade.


Under Armour is the go-to brand for athletes in golf, so we understand what it takes to become a top player, whether at Augusta National or your local course. That’s why our Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour League gives boys and girls of all ages and skill levels a fun yet competitive environment where their top performers from each league earn spots at the 2023 Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour World Championship being held July 18-23, 2023.


The Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour gives boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 18 the opportunity to participate in tournament golf for relatively affordable costs. League entry fees allow players to advance to tournaments based on their scoring average; additionally, it hosts both a national championship and local events each spring/winter.

Jordan Spieth trusts Under Armour for technology solutions that give him an edge. For amateur players, this means products like the UA HOVR Drive two golf shoes as well as pants and Jordan Spieth Tour hats from Under Armour.

The Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour World Championship offers an incredible display of talent from around the world and showcases golf’s universal appeal.


The 2023 Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour World Championship will be hosted at Reunion Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, from July 18 to 23, 2023. This exciting event brings participants from around the globe together for an unparalleled showcase of golfing excellence on an international platform.

Top players from each league who meet scoring average requirements advance to the National Championship tournament. Meeting these requirements for both fall and spring seasons also advances to winter nationals.

SwingU is the leading provider of golf technology solutions for coaches and caddies, which supports The UA Junior Tour Powered by Under Armour by providing industry-leading GPS rangefinders, strokes gained data analysis tools, as well as prescriptive practice plans & drills for players, coaches, and caddies alike. Together, these partners have formed an exclusive partnership that will give all players, coaches, and caddies industry-leading technology from tee-to-green GPS rangefinders with strokes gained data analysis tools as well as prescriptive practice plans & drills – something no other organization could provide!