Top 5 Vegan Restaurants in the United States


If you’re a vegan, there are many options for you to choose from. For example, you can go to a fast-food restaurant and have an ice cream sandwich, or you can head to a trendy restaurant with a vegan menu. Either way, you’ll be sure to find something yummy.


Located in New York City’s Union Square, Peacefood has been serving up vegan wonders for years. This uptown eatery has recently expanded its reach by opening a second location near Manhattan’s famed YMCA. The restaurant offers a range of high-quality food and drinks. Guests can enjoy the experience in a comfortable setting, with a full bar and lounge and several dining options.

While the menu boasts a healthy assortment of raw food entrees and desserts, there are a few dishes in the main dining area. One of the more impressive meals is the “Miso-Fried Veggies with Tofu and Mushrooms.” It’s also worth checking out the burgers and pizzas available on the main floor. If you’re hungry for something a bit less adventurous, the menu at the nearby JivamuktTea Cafe also serves up a few vegan options.

Urban Vegan Kitchen

There aren’t many vegan restaurants in Manhattan. However, Urban Vegan Kitchen (formerly Blossom on Carmine) is a vegan restaurant that serves some of the city’s most delicious comfort foods. The restaurant is also an excellent choice for special occasions.

In addition to its high-quality food, the restaurant offers takeout and delivery. So whether you need an appetizer, a main course, or a sweet treat, you can count on Urban Vegan Kitchen.

Jajaja Plantas Mexicanas

Jajaja Plantas Mexicanas is a vegan restaurant that opened in 2017. It is located in the West Village, but there are also two other locations in New York City. There is a restaurant in Hudson Yards and another in Williamsburg. Each site is kosher-certified by the International Kosher Council.

Jajaja’s plant-based menu features classic Mexican dishes with a twist. For instance, it serves guacamole. They serve nachos, as well. The chips are crisp and warm, with vibrant color and chunky texture. Among the other options are turmeric queso fundido and spicy seitan-based chorizo.


Divya’s is a restaurant that does its best to make a healthy meal taste good. It’s not a cheap place to dine, but the food and atmosphere are relaxing. In addition to its menu, Divya’s offers several Ayurvedic cooking classes that can teach you everything you need to know about eating healthier and living a more holistic life.

Divya’s Kitchen is a healthful vegetarian and vegan restaurant that opened in the East Village in 2016. It’s not a fast-food joint, but it does offer healthy alternatives to your usual suspects. You can even order takeout or have a meal delivered.

PF Chang’s

Many Americans have gone vegan, which has encouraged restaurants to offer more plant-based options. PF Chang’s, a popular Asian restaurant chain, is one of these restaurants.

PF Chang’s doesn’t specialize in vegan food but does offer a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. However, it’s important to remember that these foods are prepared using dairy and soybean oil. If you’re concerned about these ingredients, PF Chang’s has an allergy menu.

Le Botaniste

One of the many restaurants in the New York City area, Le Botaniste has been serving the locals and visitors of the Upper East Side healthy and tasty plant-based meals since February of this year. So if you’re looking for something more than a quick jog or a pick-me-up from the nearby subway station, this is the place for you.

The best part is that the staff is amiable and willing to give you a second help. They’ll even throw in free chocolate for the occasion. And if that’s not enough, the Broome boasts a swanky 24-hour front desk.

Dirt Candy

One of the best vegan restaurants in New York City is Dirt Candy. Owned by chef Amanda Cohen, this restaurant offers a dazzling menu. It’s an excellent place for a date or a large group dinner.

A vegan eatery in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Dirt Candy focuses on vegetables and serves them with innovative flavors. The dishes are based on traditional favorites from across the world. This restaurant has received numerous awards and accolades, including a Michelin star.

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is a local favorite for its affordable dining and laid-back ambiance. The restaurant has a West Village branch but isn’t strictly a vegetarian eatery. Instead, this location boasts a menu featuring meat and vegetarian favorites. One of the more impressive offerings is the vegan cheese nachos, which hit all the right notes.

Other notable features include a good beer and an extensive selection of vegan cocktails. There is also a well-curated wine list.

Renegades of Sunset

Located in Industry City in Brooklyn, Renegades of Sunset offers several vegetarian and vegan food options. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or something more upscale, there is sure to be a fit for your palate. The restaurant is open from 10 am to 11 pm, seven days a week. In addition to the dining options, you can also order your food via delivery or pick-up.