TROY M14 EBR Stock Upgrades the Mini-14 Into the 21st Century


The TROY M14 EBR stock upgrades the standard M14 with features including collapsible stock, pistol grip, Harris bipod, and four Picatinny rails for mounting lights and lasers. Furthermore, this version comes equipped with a secure grip storage compartment, four ambidextrous QD attachment points as well as rubber recoil pads – perfect for any shooter’s requirements!

Though the rifle’s overall weight may seem heavy, this weight serves to stabilize and control recoil.

Product Description

The Sage EBR chassis is an upgrade system for Mini-14 rifles in the 21st Century. Featuring Picatinny rails, pistol grip, and telescoping stock, as well as room for a suppressor, this chassis is constructed from high-strength aluminum for both light weight and strength – precision machined tolerances help improve accuracy while decreasing recoil.

United States Navy SEALs were among the first to adopt the M14 EBR rifle, though now all branches of the military and some foreign armies use this lightweight yet compact option for close-quarters combat operations. Ideal for those wanting M1A/M14 versatility but needing something lighter and smaller, installing the EBR requires no modification to its factory action; its installation process takes only minutes!

One of the the most significant aspects of the Mini-14 rifle is its dependability when used correctly, handling large quantities of ammo and magazines with ease while remaining easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Furthermore, this versatile gun can be used for hunting or target shooting applications alike.

An old Ranch rifle I had professionally accurized by ARS (now out of business) yields excellent accurizing results; my current rifle features a heavy Lothar Walther barrel, light trigger, and Bell & Carlson synthetic stock; it consistently shoots 1.5″ groups at 100 yards off sandbags using any ammo I load into it.

One of the essential accessories for your Mini 14 EBR stock is a suppressor. Suppressors can significantly lower sound levels and muzzle blast from your rifle, making it more effective as an offensive weapon. I highly recommend an OSS HX-QD 762 TI as an outstanding bargain suppressor that’s easy to mount and adjust with great results: its noise suppression makes for quiet shooting! I use one myself.


The mini 14 EBR Stock is an excellent upgrade option for standard M14 rifles. Made of aircraft aluminum, its chassis system offers increased accuracy, reliability, and stability compared to standard rifles. Among its many features are an adjustable buttstock and pistol grip with telescoping buttstock system; Harris bipod; four Picatinny rails surrounding the barrel; formed Kydex handgrip, which helps prevent heat transfer; created Kydex handgrip that limits heat transfer due to rapid firing; as well as formed Kydex handgrip for immediate firing situations.

This precision rifle stock features an easily adjustable click-adjustable cheek riser and length of pull adjustment for optimal comfort and precision. Available in black or desert tan colors and fitting all M14 models with 181 to 600 serial number prefixes, this US-made rifle stock makes for an excellent home defense or law enforcement option.

Though AR-15s have taken over American gun culture, Mini 14s still hold their own. An excellent choice for staying within magazine capacity limits in certain states or for those looking for something with more traditional styling, Mini 14s provide another viable option when looking for firearms.

Mini 14 rifles do have some drawbacks, however. Most notably, they’re less flexible than AR-15 models in terms of holding rounds or fitting equipment, meaning they are less suitable for hunting and tactical applications. Furthermore, its accuracy may not compare favorably to that of some other rifles – particularly when in fully automatic mode.

Although it does have its issues, the Mini-14 remains an excellent weapon for those seeking durable, reliable, and versatile weaponry. If you’re interested in the mini 14 EBR stock, make sure you read our reviews of other products first; our reviews team can ensure you receive maximum value for your money as well as tips on choosing a unit best suited to your needs and contacting our customer service team with any inquiries or issues that arise – they are here to make your experience as pleasant and stress-free as possible!


Sage’s Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) stock was designed to make the M14 rifle an efficient fighting weapon. It features a collapsible stock, pistol grip with ambidextrous pressure hook, four Picatinny accessory rails, and flash suppressor; plus, it comes equipped with a comfortable rubber recoil pad surface textured for all-condition shooting, allowing users to adjust it easily for any shooting environment making it suitable for use in tight spaces.

The EBR chassis system is available for M1A/M14, M1 Garand, and Mini 14 rifles, featuring a machined aluminum body with an anodized finish for improved accuracy and reliability. Its rigidity reduces vibration for increased eye relief and sight radius, as well as higher mount positions that improve eye relief/sight radius. Furthermore, this chassis can accommodate various accessories like Harris bipods, sling mounts, and paddle-type bolt stops to decrease muzzle blast.

This stock can accommodate various optics, from standard red-dot sights to magnified scopes. Additionally, its collapsible butt stock makes it more compact and easy to carry – it folds down to 39 inches making it an excellent option for tight spaces and compatible with many aftermarket accessories like lights and lasers.

This precision fit inlet and quality construction stock offers more than a precision fit inlet; it comes complete with a recoil reduction system to eliminate costly glass bedding. Furthermore, this stock features a fully click-adjustable cheek riser and length of pull adjustment for optimal comfort and fitment – plus durability that easily attaches to existing lugs!

The M14 EBR was designed and first fielded by the US Navy’s Crane Division in 2004 and has since been widely adopted for use by Special Operations forces such as Navy SEALs, Coast Guard, and Army soldiers alike. Due to its lightweight construction and narrow size, this weapon is often preferred over larger firearms when deployed for military special operations in confined spaces or home defense applications; plus, its short sight radius makes for fast firing rates when firing quickly with limited sights.


The Mini-14 rifle has become an attractive alternative to the AR-15 for those subject to assault weapon bans and special operations teams who require an extremely reliable firearm that can be used at close quarters. Made famous by the television show The A-Team, its unique appearance made this weapon instantly recognizable – not as fast or accurate, but still capable of getting the job done when needed.

The EBR stock for GBB WE M14 rifles is an ideal solution for anyone in search of a quality, collapsible stock made of high-grade aluminum that features a handguard, pistol grip, sling mounts, and rails – and can even accommodate adding a suppressor with ease! Available with both left or right side compatibility, this option makes installation simple.

Though not as fast or accurate as an AR-15, the Mini-14 offers its own set of benefits. Its compact size makes it suitable for close-quarters combat in close-quarters situations and highly effective against wet, swampy areas. Furthermore, this gun’s reliability and resistance to dirt and mud make it an excellent military solution.

The United States Navy SEALs prefer the M14 EBR-RI, which was developed during the 2000s to satisfy SEALs’ requests for a smaller battle rifle. Mike Rock of Rock Rifle Barrels collaborated with engineer Jim Ribordy on designing this weapon, leading to its creation into what eventually became Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR-RI.

The M14 EBR-RI is designed with a fully collapsible stock system, making it suitable for use in cramped environments. When entirely collapsed, its length measures just 39″. Additionally, its compact size makes it convenient to transport or store; when combined with a suppressor, it becomes less than six feet in total length.

Future developments could see more US manufacturers create EBR-compatible versions of existing guns, keeping prices more comparable with that of an AR-15 and giving more people access to an affordable American-made rifle.