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Western Surety Company is an exemplary bonding provider with strong financial and credit ratings, part of CNA Insurance Group, and offers an array of bonds such as commercial and contract surety bonds as well as miscellaneous fidelity and court bonds.

Contractor Bonds: These bonds are intended to ensure construction projects will be completed as per contract terms. These include bid bonds, performance bonds, and payment bonds.


Western Surety Company has been serving customers worldwide for over 100 years. Thanks to its longstanding history and extensive global reach, Western Surety provides an unsurpassed level of reliability within the industry and possesses all of the experience required to handle any bond issue with ease. Furthermore, they employ in-house bond issuers, which saves both time and money, as well as creating creative solutions tailored specifically for each customer.

CNA Insurance Group’s Western Surety Company offers an extensive variety of surety and fidelity bonds across both North America. Their network of over 40,000 appointed agencies gives them the capacity and experience necessary for small commercial bonds to multi-million dollar contract bonds, with their simplified underwriting process helping get bonds issued faster than other companies.

Western Surety Company also provides specialty bonds such as court bonds, fidelity bonds, and lost instrument bonds to protect parties involved in legal proceedings and provide financial security in the event of loss.

Western Surety Company not only writes contract and commercial surety bonds but they also provide license and permit bonds required by government agencies and regulatory bodies to ensure compliance with licensing and permitting requirements. Examples include contractor license bonds, auto dealer bonds, and mortgage broker bonds.

CNA Financial, which owns Western Surety Company, boasts exceptional financial and credit ratings that result in one of the highest bond ratings in the industry. Unfortunately, they’re often ignored or underestimated by insurance shoppers, so they must compare quotes for themselves before settling on one provider. Enter your ZIP code below for a free quote comparison today!


Western Surety Company was established in 1900 and boasts over a century of experience writing surety bonds, earning itself one of the highest financial strength ratings within its industry. CNA Surety provides Western Surety with access to an expansive portfolio of surety and fidelity bonds available across every state and Canada.

Due to their longstanding history in business, this company can offer customers creative solutions and timely responses. Their extensive network of agencies and underwriters allows them to meet any bond requirement, plus their over 30-year-old call center.

Due to this dedication, the company boasts one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in its field and leads in small fidelity and contract surety bonds – unlike companies that primarily focus on large contract bonds.

Western Surety holds an excellent rating on WalletHub, but before making your final choice, you must conduct further research into each insurance provider. Our FREE comparison tool lets you search rates from local insurance providers.

Western Surety is a highly esteemed surety bond company, yet may be less well-known than its parent company, CNA Financial. Although the subsidiary boasts top credit and financial strength ratings, it may often get overlooked in favor of CNA’s impressive reputation. Assumptions should never be made that the strength and creditworthiness of a company are determined solely by its ratings alone – one reasonable approach would be comparing ratings between parent companies and subsidiary companies to make sure your evaluation is fair.

Customer service

Western Surety Company provides various types of bonds, such as court, fidelity, and miscellaneous. Established in 1900 as an insurance company that focused primarily on court bonds, after being acquired by CNA Surety in 1992, its focus shifted more heavily toward commercial and contract surety bonds; its financial strength and credit ratings now rank amongst the highest in its field.

The company boasts an illustrious record of providing customer service and has built strong relationships with its customers over time. Their industry-leading call center allows them to respond promptly to your needs by answering your inquiries or solving issues that may arise. They work closely with over 40,000 agencies nationwide, which will enable them to offer solutions tailored specifically to you and meet any challenges as soon as they appear.

Western Surety stands out from other companies because it has been owned and managed by four generations of the same family for over 100 years. They were one of the leading employers in Sioux Falls from 1940 until mid-1970 – enter your ZIP code into our FREE comparison tool now to find affordable home insurance rates from Western Surety!

Financial strength

Western Surety is an experienced company in the insurance industry with a storied past, offering a broad selection of surety bond types and many professional employees to assist you. Their extensive network of bonds enables them to handle large volumes of business while prioritizing customer relationships as a top priority – plus, there’s even an open 24/7 call center!

The Western Surety Company is part of the CNA Insurance Group, an industry-renowned property/casualty insurer with muscular financial strength and market dominance. Therefore, the company can provide a complete selection of surety and fidelity bonds across the United States that state and municipal agencies may require as conditions of operating certain businesses or obtaining licenses, including permit bonds, license and permit renewal bonds, contractor license bonds, and auto dealer bonds.

Western Surety Company of CNA Insurance Group enjoys high ratings from AM Best and Standard & Poor’s that attest to its unparalleled underwriting expertise for clients while being one of the foremost writers of contract and commercial surety bonds.

Western Surety was established in 1900 as an insurer offering court bonds. Over time, its offerings expanded to encompass other forms of surety bonds; today, Western Surety stands as the national leader for small miscellaneous fidelity and surety bonds.

CNA, its parent company, is an industry-leading insurer with an AM Best Financial Strength Rating of A (Excellent). Furthermore, they hold a long-term issuer credit rating of A+ (Superior). Finally, CNA also boasts a solid regional market presence and a conservative risk management culture.

The financial strength of our company is evidenced by its never having had to use reserves to pay claims, innovating insurance products, and having an established market presence; all of this allows it to offer exceptional service to customers.