What is the Meaning of Witty?


The word witty means to be wise, skillful, or informed. It can also be used figuratively to describe someone intelligent, wise, or witty. These words can describe people who make wise remarks about people. While there is no clear definition for this word, the meaning is usually derived from the context of the saying or remark.

witty remark

A witty remark is a comment that is meant to be humorous. A witty remark can take many different forms. Sometimes it’s an innocent question like, “What are you doing here?” or it can be an intentional insult. In either case, a person’s body language may be clued into the true meaning of the remark. For example, a small smile, raised eyebrow, or an outstretched hand can convey a playful tone and surprise.

A witty remark is funny and clever. It is well-timed. It takes a moment for us to process it. It’s like a mental time bomb, a funny line we understand right away, but others must process it for a moment to get it.

The term witty has 31 synonyms. You’re sure to find one that suits your style. It can also be a clever way to explain a topic. If you’ve come up with an amusing phrase, use it often. After all, you’ll want to ensure the audience is laughing, right?