What’s New in the Southwest Local Schools Calendar?


In Ohio, there are a number of holidays that schools must follow throughout the year. These include national and state holidays. These holiday breaks often disrupt students’ schedules and impact their learning.

In addition, school closures and early dismissals can affect students’ travel plans. This article will cover the significant holiday dates on a southwest local school calendar in 2023.


The 2023-2024 school year calendar captures many of the priorities staff have shared: additional staff PD days, extending winter break to allow for travel plans, giving students and teachers a whole week at spring break, and ending school earlier (including potential weather make-up time) than previously allowed. The final day of the year will also be a staff compensation day for the two parent-teacher conference nights. This was chosen to avoid the added stress of taking a vacation right after those nights. Adding this date allows us to provide students and staff the extra time they deserve.

These dates are subject to change based on state government and local circumstances. Please get in touch with your school for specific information. Thanks! -Benjamin

School Closings

School closings in the southwest local schools calendar are decisions made by school district leaders, often in consultation with stakeholders. Although Ohio state laws dictate required state holidays and teacher professional learning days, the length of winter and spring breaks are generally determined by each school community. It is important to note that school holiday dates may change, and it is recommended you visit the Ohio government website for official 2023/2024 school holidays. The information here is for reference only.

Early Dismissal

During certain times of the year, schools and districts release students earlier than usual. Typically, this happens about once or twice per month. These early dismissal days are used for teacher learning and professional development. This is one of the reasons why it’s essential to check with your school district before making travel plans.

It’s also important to note that schools have a policy regarding absenteeism, tardies, and early dismissals. Parents and guardians are required to call the school if their child will be absent or late. After eight absences or five tardies, only a doctor’s note will be accepted for excused absences. Driving privileges may be revoked for excessive unexcused absences.

While these dates are accurate, they can be subject to change as the Ohio state government releases new information about holidays and closures. It’s best to consult the official website for more information about these changes. Alternatively, you can also visit your local school district’s homepage for the latest updates and additional details that haven’t been incorporated into this list of 2023 school holiday dates.

Spring Break

The district’s spring break is the week of April 15th. This year, it falls on the same day as Staff PD Day. However, since staff work two parent-teacher conference nights and are contractually compensated for these hours, the district chose to use this day as a Staff Compensation Day. This calendar is still subject to change, so students should always check with their schools for up-to-date information.

This page is intended to provide a quick and convenient list of the primary school holidays for the 2023-2024 academic year. While it does contain some of the major holidays listed on the district’s official school calendar, students should always check with their school for more up-to-date information. For example, some schools may have additional testing days or special events that are not listed here.