Where Does Chowder Come From?


Chowder is a popular dish in many areas of the world. Some sites, such as California, have sourdough bread and clam chowder, and others, such as New England, have chowder based on clams.


Chowder is a thick, creamy soup that’s made with seafood. It’s traditionally made with clams but can be made with other seafood. A chowder may be served with bread or crackers, often including a slice of cheese.

In the early days, chowder would be made with fish or seafood, but settlers added potatoes, salt pork, and other spices as more people arrived in the New World. The classic New England clam chowder has a white sauce and lots of butter.

Other types of chowder are vegetable, chicken, and seafood-based. Some are vegetarian and do not contain dairy. To make a vegan chowder, leave out the bacon and use plant-based butter instead.

Some chowders also include cream, potatoes, and herbs. Typically, a chowder begins with a base of stock, milk, or cream. These ingredients are then combined with meat, seafood, or vegetables. Sometimes, a roux is used to thicken the soup.

New England-style chowder

Whether you’re new to New England chowder or have been making it for years, you may wonder where it came from. Chowder is an American staple. It’s not only a popular dish but also an incredibly versatile recipe that can be made with just about any fish or meat.

For the best chowder, it’s essential to choose high-quality dairy. Generally, the best choice is cow’s milk, which is close to the richness of traditional whole milk. This isn’t hard to find at conventional supermarkets.

You might be surprised how many clam chowder recipes are dairy-free. Often, the recipes include vegetables, such as carrots, onions, and peppers. However, it’s always possible to add dairy to a chowder.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to combine potatoes with starch. The potato starch helps thicken the chowder, giving it the thickness and body you want.

Hatteras Island-style chowder

Clam chowder is a traditional dish in coastal North Carolina. The recipe can be as simple as adding clams or as elaborate as incorporating various ingredients.

Hatteras chowder is a chowder that is made from fresh, local clams. This type of chowder is served in many restaurants on the Outer Banks. It is usually heavily seasoned with black or white pepper, and the broth is clear.

While it is a famous chowder, many other types exist. For instance, there is New England clam chowder and Manhattan chowder.

These two chowders are similar in taste and flavor but differ in how they are prepared. While the New England chowder is thick and rich, the Manhattan chowder is thin and acidic.

There are also variations on chowder in other regions of the United States. Some of them use tomatoes as their base. Others add milk or cream to the broth.

Long Island-style chowder

Long Island-style chowder is a regional soup in Long Island, New York. This unique blend of Manhattan and New England chowders is served in restaurants across the country.

The chowders come in wide varieties. They may contain ingredients like onion, potatoes, and salt pork. In addition, some recipes call for hot pepper sauce. While each chowder recipe is different, there are a few essential elements that all chowders have in common.

Clam chowder is a seafood soup that’s usually made with tomatoes. It’s creamy and thick. Most recipes include milk and onions.

Clam chowder is famous in New England. It’s typically creamy and made with heavy cream. Try adding onions, potatoes, and salt pork for a hearty flavor. To spice it up, add a teaspoon of chowder seasoning.

San Francisco’s sourdough bread and clam chowder

San Francisco’s sourdough bread and clam chowder have been a staple of this city for generations. This is a classic American comfort food that dates back to the 1850s.

When California miners discovered gold in 1848, they brought with them sourdough starters to ensure that they had their source of nourishment. Sourdough is made by fermenting a dough with naturally occurring yeast. The process produces acetic acid, giving the bread its tangy flavor.

San Francisco’s sourdough is so rich and full of lactic acid that it has been named the “sourdough of the sea.” It has also been found in more than 90 countries. Using local flour, Boudin Bakery produces its sourdough, which has become world-famous.

Many restaurants around the city serve their chowder in bread bowls. These are popular items, especially at Fisherman’s Wharf.