Choice Home Warranty Awards Excellent Customer Service


Home warranties provide an easy way to cover repair expenses for home systems and appliances. With Choice Home Warranty’s affordable coverage plans that include ductwork, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Homeowners nationwide can take advantage of its nationwide reach to access comprehensive service options. In addition, this company provides timely and efficient assistance to resolve issues with your appliances or systems at home.

Customer Service

Customer service is essential when choosing a home warranty company, such as their ability to quickly answer questions, resolve issues promptly and deliver a satisfying overall experience. Choice Home Warranty stands out among its peers with its 24-hour support, friendly representatives, the straightforward quote process, not requiring home inspection before coverage, and providing a 90-day parts and labor guarantee on services provided.

Choice Home Warranty has an outstanding claims process record and quickly responds to homeowners. Their experienced claims management team is available to guide customers through the sometimes complex process of filing claims and working with service providers; however, due to lacking direct service lines for contractors, it may be challenging for homeowners to reach out directly.

Net Promoter Score (NPS), an essential measure of customer loyalty, measures how likely customers are to recommend a product or service to others. Customers with the highest NPS are known as Promoters; those giving it are known for encouraging others to purchase and use it. Choice Home Warranty ranks #4 for NPS among competitors such as AmTrust Financial, American Home Shield, and Travelers.

Though the company boasts an excellent Net Promoter Score (NPS), there are some areas for improvement for potential buyers. Customers who reported issues with its website, phone system, or customer service team were sometimes unhappy with their experiences. In contrast, some customers have complained of confusion regarding its terms of service or charges for canceling contracts.

Despite its drawbacks, the company boasts numerous positive reviews on its websites and social media accounts. Many of these reviews highlight its quick response time for service requests and the quality technicians being sent out. Furthermore, customers have reported being reimbursed for denied claims.

Customer reviews can provide an insightful way to evaluate the quality of a product or service but should be treated with caution. Dissatisfied customers tend to leave more vocal reviews than satisfied ones.

Coverage Options

Home warranty providers provide essential systems and appliances with protection from unexpected breakdowns. Still, when researching providers, it’s necessary to carefully consider each plan’s pricing structure, coverages, limitations, or exclusions that could tarnish its reputation.

Choice Home Warranty (CHW) is an established provider with over 1,650,000 service contracts, processing over five million service requests annually and offering a money-back guarantee on repair or replacement services, giving homeowners peace of mind.

The company provides two plan options – Basic Plan and Total Plan – which offer coverage for many household appliances and systems. The Basic Plan covers 14 items, such as ductwork, electrical systems, water heaters, and dishwashers, while the Total Plan covers 18, including refrigerators, clothes washers/driers, and air conditioning systems.

While Choice plans are affordable and straightforward, it’s important to remember that some items may be subject to restrictions from this provider. Their sample contract states that liability does not exceed $3,000 per covered item for access, diagnosis, and repair/replacement services. However, this limit excludes specific systems like septic tanks and stand-alone ice makers as it’s meant as a preventive measure against unexpected repair expenses.

Customer support is one of the critical considerations when assessing home warranty companies, and we use customer reviews, homeowner surveys, and quote processes as measures of it. Choice Home Warranty stands out in this respect by having 24/7 support with friendly representatives offering helpful solutions.

Their online chat feature is also user-friendly and accessible – perfect for prospective homeowners who desire a simple plan with budget-friendly premiums. However, policyholders should be wary of class action litigation and mixed reviews on third-party review websites before making their final decision. To cover additional appliances or systems, they will incur add-on costs.


Choice Home Warranty provides some of the most comprehensive protection plans for homeowners looking to protect their home systems and appliances. They offer basic and total programs and optional spa and pool equipment coverage. However, certain restrictions in place could limit some homeowners from using this service, such as not allowing its service technicians to repair items that have known or unknown preexisting conditions.

Additionally, the company limits its liability to no more than $3,000 per contract item when accessing, diagnosing, repairing, or replacing that system or appliance – an issue when dealing with items requiring costly professional services like septic and water systems and roof leaks. They do not include garage doors or stand-alone freezers in their basic plans but provide add-on protection plans for these items.

However, these limitations are less stringent than with some other home warranty providers, and the company allows homeowners to select their contractors for services. Furthermore, HomeWarrant also boasts a strong network of service technicians and guarantees its work for customer peace of mind.

CHW earned high marks for its ease of claim filing and rapid response times, offering several different methods to submit claims while having customer service representatives available 24/7.

HomeServe does an exceptional job explaining its plans and outlining what each covers – which is especially helpful for new homeowners unfamiliar with home warranties. In addition, their website and mobile app offer customers online chat support and navigation of the process; additionally, they have detailed plans and fees information as well as competitive pricing – not forgetting George Foreman as an official brand promoter – making them an attractive option for both new and existing homeowners alike.

Bottom Line

Choice Home Warranty is an industry leader and should be the go-to choice for homeowners looking for home protection. Their plans are competitively priced and cover many common appliances and systems in your home. Also, free programs and discounts for military veterans, senior citizens, and real estate professionals are provided. Their customer service representatives are prompt in responding with answers whenever you call.

The website for this company is user-friendly, though some information regarding policy terms and conditions can be hard to locate. Furthermore, reading contracts carefully to comprehend what coverage exists fully may help clarify any confusion – the company offers copies of sample contracts if needed for review.

Choice Home Warranty’s coverage options are comparable to competitors; however, it’s a maximum liability, and specific exclusions could put off some homeowners. For instance, they don’t cover repairs on items in working condition when they went into effect and exclude coverage for preexisting conditions and claims stemming from natural disasters like floods.

Other limitations to consider with home warranty coverage are its lack of an upfront home inspection, limited liability threshold for add-on protection options, and specific exclusions such as garage door openers and roofs.

Choice Home Warranty has worked tirelessly to build its reputation in New Jersey as a reliable home warranty company despite some negative reviews and legal disputes over its advertising practices. Membership of the National Home Service Contract Association proves this point; an affiliation shows it strives to promote transparency and fairness in its business dealings.

Choice Home Warranty may not be suitable for everyone, but it offers consumers who wish to save money on costly repair bills and protect their investments a practical option. With friendly customer support available 24/7 and experienced technicians ready to be assigned for each repair job if necessary. Furthermore, cancellation is easy within 30 days, though state laws may require service fees.