Home Depot Truck Rental


Home Depot provides several truck rental options to accommodate local moves. Their Load ‘N Go trucks start with affordable 75-minute rates, costing $5 for every 15 minutes beyond this initial period. Plus, newer pickup trucks and certain Penske vehicles feature tow hitches available to rent.

Home Depot does not charge mileage fees like other car rental agencies do. However, you should first verify whether the vehicle you want is available before heading over to their store.

It’s a one-stop-shop

Home Depot provides an economical truck rental experience at its nearly 2,300 locations. In addition to offering various truck sizes, pricing transparency, roadside assistance, and help-for-hire options, their truck rentals also boast hand trucks, flatbeds, and appliance dollys that you can choose from at reasonable rates.

Home Depot rental truck prices begin at $19 per day or $903 per week for pickup or cargo van rentals and $209 for box truck rentals. Both prices include unlimited miles; however, additional mileage costs will vary based on your location, and other charges may apply, such as for gasoline used, deposits, and taxes.

Home Depot truck rentals stand out as being exceptionally accommodating regarding their lack of a reservation requirement. This makes the experience more straightforward for people unable or prefer not to commit to one day, arriving early, or prefer arriving on a less busy date. Plus, this makes getting precisely the vehicle that meets your needs that much simpler!

Home Depot differs from most major truck rental providers by not providing insurance coverage with their rentals; you must show proof of auto policy coverage when picking up the vehicle. Furthermore, this company does not offer a fuel reimbursement plan, so you should fill it up before returning it to avoid paying extra gasoline charges.

Home Depot’s Load ‘N Go truck rentals offer the ideal solution for local moves. Their truck features include a trailer hitch for heavy items and two flatbed pickups for furniture, appliances, and other bulky objects. Their rates start from just $19 for 75 minutes of usage, with $5 charged every 15 minutes after that. Unfortunately, these trucks cannot accommodate long-distance moves – you would require Penske rentals instead.

It’s easy to use

Home Depot may be an excellent option for truck rental near you, with over 2,300 locations and competitive rental prices. They do not guarantee pickup trucks at each store – instead, vehicles are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis; check online availability before heading in-store; ideally, avoid weekends which tend to be busier times for truck rentals.

Home Depot offers reasonably-priced truck rental rates at $19 for 75 minutes of use; additional minutes may incur an additional $5 fee per 15-minute increment after that. Their selection of flatbed and cargo van trucks, Penske trucks for longer trips, and loading ramps/jacks/other equipment available can make any move simpler and smoother.

Home Depot makes renting a truck easier by offering reservations for specific trucks that meet your moving needs, making long-distance moves much simpler. Other rental services may not provide this capability, and it could be difficult to secure what truck you require.

Home Depot also provides additional moving supplies, including boxes and packing peanuts, to make moving easier for its customers. They will even deliver them directly to your doorstep at an additional charge, saving time and money while protecting all your possessions during transport.

Home Depot makes renting a truck easy with their transparent pricing structure and flexible rental terms; choose to rent for just an hour or a full day; reserve online; they will notify you as soon as it’s ready; unlike many rental services, Home Depot doesn’t require deposits or credit cards when holding reservations – this can be particularly convenient if returning an early vehicle is needed.

It’s affordable

Home Depot is an indispensable destination for DIYers, offering affordable truck rental options that simplify local moves. Their pickup trucks and cargo vans cost just $19 for 75 minutes of rental; box trucks cost $29. Additionally, Home Depot provides daily and weekly rates that compare well against similar rental companies; you can even buy gas at their store!

Many people don’t realize that Home Depot rents trucks for move-related tasks, like transporting items into a new house or storage. Rental prices at Home Depot tend to be cheaper than those from full-service moving companies and incredibly convenient if moving locally, as no mileage fees will apply.

However, another company might be best if you require a large truck for long-distance moving. Penske offers an expansive fleet that allows customers to reserve online or by phone; furthermore, they provide several locations so you can find one closer to your destination.

Home Depot stores often only stock limited Load ‘N Go rental truck supplies, making it challenging to secure one the size you require. Furthermore, these rentals cannot be reserved in advance, so customers must wait at the store until opening to rent one – which could prove inconvenient when planning a significant move.

Home Depot locations typically partner with Penske, giving you more choices in finding a truck to fit your needs. Most of their fleet is provided by this company. Penske trucks are more cost-effective than many Home Depot options and can be reserved online or over the phone. Furthermore, additional insurance coverage can be added through them as well. Your auto policy likely already provides collision and liability coverage; cargo coverage from an insurer should also be available, although this usually isn’t necessary for local moves. Some Home Depot stores even allow customers to rent dollys which can help make the most out of a truck rental service.

It’s convenient

Home Depot is well-known for providing various home products but also convenient rental trucks for those needing to relocate. Their rentals are less costly than more renowned rental firms, and customers can rent without reservations – plus, there’s an assortment of vehicles for customers to select the one best fits their needs.

Home Depot stands out from its competition with its transparent rental prices: you pay $19 for 75 minutes of pickup or cargo van use and $5 every 15 minutes after that limit has passed if necessary. While this pricing approach might seem costly for transporting bulky items or multiple boxes simultaneously, it is more cost-effective than reserving a truck in advance. Home Depot also provides optional accessories like moving dollys and car carriers that may be useful for your journeys.

Home Depot also offers trailers designed to transport heavy items. These trailers can be rented for as little as $25 per trailer rental and include an integrated hitch that makes connecting it to your vehicle simple and fast. Moreover, two different flatbed pickup trucks can also be rented at discounted rates from Home Depot.

Home Depot makes renting trucks easy: check their online availability checker before heading into any store location. Their site will show whether the one you need is in stock and offers contactless curbside pick-up to have your item brought directly to your car by one of their employees – saving time during a move and time during delivery! Orders can also enjoy free delivery, though exact amounts depend on order size.