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Family Farm and Home offers various items, such as tools, hardware, automotive, pet, and livestock supplies, work clothing and footwear, lawn and garden supplies, and alternative heating. In addition, they carry a wide variety of feed and seeds for animals.

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History of Streetsboro

Streetsboro, located in Portage County, Ohio, is 14 miles NE of Akron and 25 miles SE of Cleveland. Surrounded by Hudson and Ravenna towns along the Ohio Turnpike, Streetsboro was named in honor of Titus Street, who initially settled the area back in 1798 from Connecticut, later becoming an Ohio Turnpike township before becoming an official village in 1968. Home to an excellent school system near numerous shops, restaurants, and businesses.

Hale Farm and Village will mark its 200th anniversary with various activities and events this year. City Treasurer Mike Kuhstos announced plans for the burying of a time capsule; furthermore, on September 17, there will be a community cookout and 5K run, along with a parade and service taking place at what was formerly Hale Methodist Church – both of which have now relocated into Hale Farm and Village.

Family Farm and Home stores sell outdoor items, including livestock feed and supplies, pet food and accessories, garden and lawn care products, trailer and towing supplies and tools, and more. Their stores across Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Ohio – Austin Semarjian from Industrial Commercial Properties has confirmed that Family Farm and Home will move into their former Kmart location later this year.

Established by John Singletary in 1828, the Singletary House stands out among Streetsboro’s historical landmarks as one of its most prominent historical structures. Over its years of operation, it has served as a tavern, stagecoach stop, post office, three antique shops, and an underground railroad stop during the Civil War – with tours available every first and third Sunday of each month.

The Singletary House is one of the oldest properties in Streetsboro. Built-in the 1860s, this structure has been owned by various families since its completion. Henry Peck and Norman opened a general store here in 1918 when Leroy Bowen took over, which later sold it off as Bowen’s General Store until finally being bought up by William R. Wise as his general store until 1948 when it finally came under his care again.

Streetsboro Community Days

Streetsboro is a quiet, family-oriented community that prioritizes family activities. This can be seen at its numerous fairs and festivals held throughout the year, most prominent among them being the Streetsboro Family Days festival, which takes place each summer for four days of live entertainment, food vendors, beer gardens, games for children, car and bike shows, and contests!

Residents enjoy exploring the city’s parks. One such park, Herrick Fen Preserve, provides natural habitat to over two dozen state-listed and rare species and an expansive boardwalk and nature trails. Additionally, athletic fields and park facilities are maintained within its borders.

Streetsboro attracts new families due to its charming downtown, walkable downtown, and family-friendly neighborhoods. A short drive from world-famous sports and entertainment in Cleveland makes Streetsboro an ideal suburban location for young families. New homes are available across various areas such as Meadow View and Boling Brook – Meadow View features 2-story and ranch-style homes that provide open-concept designs with spacious kitchen islands; Boling Brook’s smaller properties feature private backyards and full basements for privacy.

Streetsboro boasts an intriguing past dating back to the 1800s. The Singletary House, constructed in 1828, can be visited free every first and third Sunday of each month for tours featuring period furniture, old maps, and other historical items.

Streetsboro boasts more than just historical landmarks and events; it also offers modern shops, restaurants, and services in its downtown area. One such establishment is Brown Derby Restaurant which has been open since 1941, delivering high-quality steaks and seafood at reasonable prices.

Streetsboro is home to Great Lakes Brewing Company, an award-winning brewery that produces both draft and bottled beers that can be found locally at bars and restaurants and ordered online.

Streetsboro Historical Society

Streetsboro Historical Society looks forward to celebrating the township’s bicentennial on Aug. 20 and 21, including parades, fireworks displays, craft vendor booths, entertainment, and more. In addition, they hope to raise money for the Singletary House Museum, which will open its doors for the event, with any funds collected going toward operation and maintenance costs and creating a permanent fund.

Streetsboro’s oldest frame house dates back to 1828 and now serves as a museum behind Walmart and Tire Source on Singletary Drive. Over its long history in Streetsboro, it has served as private homes, antique shops, and even as stops on the Underground Railroad!

Streetsboro was known for its dairying in the early 1800s. Farm-based dairying eventually evolved into milk factories by the mid-1890s; one such milk factory was the Feeder Dam Factory which shipped products directly to Cleveland, Ohio. Streetsboro was also known for its cheese production from milk produced locally – providing valuable wealth-creation opportunities within its community.

Other notable developments included the establishment of schools. The initial school was constructed at Johnson’s Corners (corner of old Route 14 and Aurora-Hudson Rd) in 1826 as a slab schoolhouse taught by Clarinda Case for eight pupils.

Streetsboro Cemetery was another significant development in the area. Situated at the city’s northwest corner, it has become a popular spot for family reunions since its establishment. Charles E. Smith’s gravestone dates back to the late 1700s – another highlight for local history buffs!

The Streetsboro Historical Society is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and promoting the historical treasures of Streetsboro. Members are working on creating a time capsule that will be buried later and are encouraged to contribute items. Furthermore, financial donations are welcome; tax-deductible contributions will also be considered a part of their mission.

Streetsboro Fire Department

An unidentified male Streetsboro firefighter collapsed during EMS training Monday morning at his station and received advanced cardiac life support from fellow first responders. After being transported to University Hospitals Portage Medical Center, where they restored his pulse and breathing, Streetsboro Fire Department posted to Facebook that their firefighter remains in intensive care – thanking Kent and Ravenna Firefighters who sent assistance while their staff handled this situation.

The new Route 43 fire station was completed in May 2021 as an upgrade from its predecessor. The facility includes two apparatus bays with attached DECON rooms, kitchen facilities, day room sleeping quarters, and three locker rooms for men’s, women’s, and gear locker rooms. Furthermore, it includes offices and a gym. Exterior construction also had new driveways and parking lots.

The early years of Streetsboro’s existence saw fire service provided by volunteer firefighters. After developing into a township, Roger Parent became its first paid fire chief. Roger and Joan would later establish police headquarters at their home on Page Road; when Streetsboro saw further growth, it became necessary for police service to become full-time.

Grimm will miss many aspects of his old station yet keep some tokens as keepsakes from his time there. An antique door buzzer and red phone from pre-911 days will find pride of place in his office alongside an original plank from its construction.

Recently, firefighters responded to Gaynelle Avenue for a fatal accident involving a 57-year-old male victim and began their investigation immediately.

Streetsboro Fire Department recently unveiled its child passenger seat inspection program following FireMedic Scott Wilson’s successful completion of a certification course through Safe Kids Worldwide, Akron Children’s Hospital, and Portage County Health District.