Max Homa is an Inspiration to Golfers Around the World


Homa stands out as an exception in an industry in which golfers struggle. His right wrist bears the word ‘Relentless’ as an immutable reminder to himself; quotes from critics can also be found framed near his doorway.

How did he go from struggling to stay on Tour to an established contender? Hard work.


Max Homa, a talented and dedicated golfer, has found remarkable success on the PGA Tour. While his career has seen many ups and downs, Homa managed to stay the course and keep improving his game over time – his debut win at Wells Fargo Championship in 2019 cemented his place among golf’s elite players. It made him an inspiring example for fellow golfers around the globe. His resilience and determination serve as an example to those looking for success in golf.

Homa’s optimistic attitude and commitment to excellence have allowed him to rise back up the rankings despite some struggles in 2017. Homa has an entertaining knack for criticizing himself on social media, making watching him even more captivating. In an episode of Off Course with Claude Harmon, host Harmon shared his insight on why Homa is having such a remarkable season.

Blackburn concurred with Harmon and observed that Homa’s hard work has paid off, noting his improved ball striking and short game have increased his competitiveness, while Homa has developed a balance that allows him to perform well across all aspects of the game; his impressive scrambling stats speak for themselves as 20th place ranks show significant improvements over the previous seasons he ranked 20th!

Homa has proven himself particularly formidable in California since 2020. Since 2020, he has won four times on the PGA TOUR since then – tied with Jon Rahm for most official victories there since 2020. Additionally, Homa has advanced rapidly within putting statistics, rising eight spots to rank eighth for birdie conversion percentage and 17th in putts per green rankings from 2022-23.

Max Homa embodies the American dream through his dedication and perseverance, becoming an inspirational icon of the American spirit. Although his career was filled with ups and downs, he never gave up his dream of becoming a professional golfer – winning his maiden PGA Tour victory at the Wells Fargo Championship was a significant turning point, proving he could rise above even tough challenges to achieve success.


Max Homa’s success as a golfer is a testament to his strength and resilience. His perseverance has earned fans and fellow professionals’ respect, embodying the spirit of American golf while inspiring budding golfers worldwide. His runner-up finish at the Genesis Invitational displays his dedication and commitment to golf; his response to disappointment demonstrated maturity and strength.

Homa’s game has improved, yet there remains room for expansion. His approach is focused on one good shot at a time and refusing to get deterred by negative comments; Homa responded positively despite these attacks by showing resilience and refusing to let others define him.

He stays focused on improving every facet of his game and consistently works towards increasing it. His hard work has yielded incredible results, such as his first PGA Tour victory at the Wells Fargo Championship – earning him entry into some of the most renowned tournaments while giving him access to some of the world’s premier players.

Homa’s career has seen ups and downs, but he has consistently worked to improve himself as a golfer. With an excellent ball-striking technique and precise putting stroke that allows him to compete amongst the world’s top players, Homa has gained valuable experience through various golf tours while making himself known to other professionals.

He is an uncompromising worker who treats everyone with dignity and respect, treating everyone equally. His word is his bond; he always stays true to it. Friendly in personality with an excellent sense of humor, he enjoys spending time with friends over drinks; family is his number-one priority, and he spends as much time with them as he can; he is an ideal father/husband team. He lives in Scottsdale with Lacey (his wife) and their son while walking together and watching sports, particularly the Dodgers/Lakers games!


Home has always shown great dedication to his craft as a golfer, spending countless hours practicing and striving to improve the range. Through this hard work, he has become one of the premier competitors on tour.

Max Homa goes above and beyond his golf game to give back to his fans. On one particularly heartwarming occasion, he took time from his schedule to meet with a young fan with special needs, pose for photos with him, commend his interest in golf – an act that left a lasting impression on himself and the boy in attendance. Homa demonstrated his dedication and appreciation of each member of his fan base through this thoughtful act.

Homa credits John and Bonnie as two of his biggest influences in life and career, providing steadfast support and encouragement through difficult times in his golfing journey. Their confidence has inspired him to strive towards greatness – helping make him what he is today: an accomplished PGA golfer.

Homa was returning home after missing the cut at the RSM Classic in Sea Island on November 19, as is often his practice. He deliberated his performance during the plane ride home and dissected it further in his mind. But this time was different. He began reflecting upon and studying it more intensely on board than usual, reflecting upon all aspects of his performance while flying back.

As he gazed upon the land below, a decision that would transform his career was being made. Tired of losing tournaments and striving to be victorious instead, he set his sights on becoming an impact player at major tournaments and joining Ryder Cup teams.

As a result, he decided to change his routine by training with Kolby Tullier. Now waking between 5 and 5:30 a.m. for two-hour workout sessions led by Tullier, his performance on the course has significantly improved; meditation and eating healthier have become part of his regular regimen resulting in his winning streak being restored in 2021. He credits this new regimen as helping him regain his winning bar that had slipped away in 2021.


Max Homa has seen his ranking steadily rise over the past several years. Hailing from California, Homa has finished in the top 25 in over half of his PGA Tour starts, including an outstanding sixth-place showing at last week’s Valspar Championship.

Homa’s recent success would not have been possible without significantly adjusting his game. Over the last two or three years, Homa has sought help from sports psychologist Julie Elion (known for working with athletes such as Tom Brady and Michael Jordan to increase mental strength). Homa lauds her efforts yet acknowledges they’re just part of the solution.

Homa himself is at the core of this effort. He has always been open about his struggles in major tournaments, which has brought him close to giving up golf altogether at times, but he understands there’s more than meets the eye in his story than simply what’s written on scorecards at day’s end.

As such, his understanding has increased his determination to show himself at The Players Championship this weekend alongside another young golf prodigy: Jon Rahm. Both players’ journeys may differ drastically, but both share one critical mindset – to keep working hard and never stop believing.

Homa has spent most of this season playing on the back nine, yet is confident he is ready to rise the leaderboard come Sunday. Working closely with Phil Kenyon’s putting coach Phil Kenyon has enabled Homa to improve his putting stroke, and his third-round score at Valspar is evidence that those efforts are paying off.

Max Homa has also put great effort into improving his physical strength and predicts this season will be his best yet at the tournament. His commitment to continually better himself makes him a forceful force on tour for years. Max Homa stands as an inspiration for perseverance and growth.