Hedgehog Insurance Reviews


Regarding car insurance, Hedgehog Insurance is an online-only company with cheaper rates than most other providers. In addition, it offers multiple-vehicle discounts. The company has good customer service, and its online service makes it easy to manage your policy and track your savings. This company is also available on comparison sites, making comparing prices easy.

Hedgehog Insurance is an online-only car insurance provider.

Hedgehog is an online-only car insurance provider that provides an excellent set of features. Its policyholders have given high ratings to this company, which Mulsanne Insurance Company Limited backs. The company’s website provides a simple, user-friendly way to manage your insurance policy. The site also provides comprehensive details about the policy, including the liability cover of PS20M. It also covers you while driving in the EU and offers a 50% discount on premiums.

Hedgehog offers cheap and comprehensive car insurance, with a range of optional extras and benefits. For example, Hedgehog’s comprehensive car insurance policy may cover fitted navigation and audio equipment. You can also add extra covers such as the windscreen, legal care, and breakdown cover. In addition, you can choose whether you want national or European coverage.

Customers have praised the company’s competitive prices, ease of use, and helpful customer support. The insurer offers an insurance quote in just a few minutes, and customers can manage their policies online.

It offers cheaper rates than other providers.

Hedgehog Insurance is a Welsh-based insurance provider that offers affordable car insurance. The insurer uses digital technologies to assess risk and provide more accurate premium quotes. The company takes a wide range of factors into account when calculating the cost of your policy, including your age, gender, and driving history.

The company offers comprehensive vehicle and third party, fire and theft car insurance. Third-party fire and theft insurance offers protection for you and other drivers, as well as your car. Some policies also include a courtesy car and windscreen replacement. A comprehensive policy will also provide you with additional benefits, such as cover for fitted audio and navigational equipment.

It offers multi-vehicle discounts.

Hedgehog Insurance is a company that offers car insurance with discounts for multiple vehicles. Although it sells its policies online only, the company has a reputation for offering competitive prices and valuable features. Customers often note that the customer service department is responsive and friendly. Customers have a chance to manage their insurance policies online, which is another perk. Customers can also save money by paying for their policies in full every year.

The company launched as an online-only car insurance provider in 2018, and its founders wanted to cater to drivers who were deemed higher risks. This means that their premiums may be higher than the average motorist. Berkshire Hathaway International underwrites the company’s insurance policies, which is headquartered in Cardiff, Wales.

Customers can easily manage their policies online, and no high-pressure salespeople are involved. A policy includes liability cover of up to PS20 million. It also allows policyholders to travel within the EU for 90 days annually. This gives customers 50% off their premium.

It doesn’t use telematics.

Hedgehog Insurance is an online car insurance provider based in Cardiff. Berkshire Hathaway International Insurance Limited underwrites it. The company’s technology uses automated underwriting and innovative data analysis to provide cheaper quotes to drivers with risk factors. While Hedgehog doesn’t use telematics, it uses digital technologies to improve its processes.

The system also requires policyholders to keep their policies up to date. Failure to do so can result in a denied claim or a lapsed policy. If you want to cancel your policy, you can do so through Your Account. The cancellation fee will be shown to you can also check out your refund options. You can also find the full cancellation terms in the Business Agreement. Hedgehog aims to process refunds within 14 working days.

Telematics data helps insurers understand what drivers do and don’t do. By analyzing driving patterns, telematics data can help them offer better insurance policies. They also use this information to provide feedback to drivers, warning them about potentially risky behaviours. This information can be used to lower premiums and make future policies fairer.