Royal Sundaram Insurance Review


The Royal Sundaram Insurance Review covers the Coverage offered by Royal Sundaram, its cost, and its Claims experience. It is an online car insurance policy similar to other services. The customer inputs some information and then makes a payment using debit/credit cards, net banking, or a cheque or demand draft. If you have a No Claim Bonus from another insurance company, you can transfer it to Royal Sundaram.

Claim settlement ratio of 98.6%

The claim settlement ratio of an insurance company is an important indicator of its credibility. It represents the percentage of claims settled within a year. The higher the ratio, the more reliable the insurer. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India tracks these ratios. It is a good sign if an insurer has a high claim settlement ratio.

When shopping for car insurance, the claim settlement ratio is one of the most critical factors. You’ll want to compare the claim settlement ratio of various insurance companies and preference the one with the highest number. However, you should also consider other factors, such as cashless facilities, network garages, and premiums. If you’re looking for the best deal on a motor policy, Royal Sundaram is a good choice.

Royal Sundaram is India’s first private general insurance company, providing customized insurance solutions for individuals. Owned by Sundaram Finance, one of India’s largest non-banking financial companies, Royal Sundaram is committed to innovation. They offer various insurance services, including round-the-clock emergency assistance and digital car inspection. It even has a premium calculator that lets you calculate the premium before purchasing a policy.

Coverage offered by Royal Sundaram

The Royal Sundaram Insurance company offers a wide range of policies. The Car Shield plan, for instance, offers comprehensive coverage, protecting you and your car from various types of damage. It provides coverage against third-party liability, earthquakes, lightning, explosion, and natural calamities. This policy also has several add-ons.

Designed with convenience, the company’s claims process is swift and hassle-free. It also focuses on providing the best customer service for insurance coverage. The company uses a TPA (third-party administrator) to process claims, which means customers receive quick and accurate service. A TPA will make quick visits to assess the claim.

Royal Sundaram’s health insurance plans are an excellent value for money. The plans include comprehensive benefits that suit almost any budget. Individuals can choose from three different sums insured to suit their needs. They can even get comprehensive health insurance for their families.

Cost of policy

The cost of the Royal Sundaram Insurance policy depends on the type of policy you choose. Some policies include own damage cover, personal accident cover for the insured, third-party liability cover, and more. Some policies cover natural calamities and vehicle damage. You should choose a policy that covers all of the options you may need for your vehicle. The price of your policy is based on the type of coverage you need, as well as your premium payment capacity.

Royal Sundaram Insurance is one of the fastest-growing insurance companies in India. They specialize in providing retail and group insurance products to customers. They have one of the most competitive premiums in the industry. The company has an extensive hospital network, with more than 5,000 locations nationwide. Their customer service is excellent, and customer support is second to none.

If you have a pre-existing condition, Royal Sundaram insurance will cover it. However, you’ll have a three-year waiting period before coverage begins. In case of an accident, the policy also covers hospitalisation costs. You can also get a daily cash benefit for non-medical expenses. You can claim up to five lakhs in total.

Claims experience

Royal Sundaram has a few options that might be right for you if you’re looking for a health insurance policy. They offer policies covering different damages, from natural disasters to manmade damages. You can add additional cover for your car if you want to protect yourself against unexpected expenses. And the best part is that you can get discounts if you buy a policy for more than one year. Multi-year policies can save you up to 12%. And if you’re a member of the Sundaram group, you can receive an additional 5% discount on your premium.

Royal Sundaram’s car insurance covers damage to your car, but the insurer will reimburse you for the cost of the repair once you’ve paid the bill. You can use a network of garages to get your car fixed. And when it comes to claims, the company reimburses you up to the deductible amount.