Domestic Cats Photography By Zoran Milutinovic

In comparison to dogs, cats have undergone minor changes during the domestication procedure, as the form and activities of the domestic cat are not completely different from those of wildcats, and domestic cats are entirely capable of surviving in the wild. CLICK HERE FOR MORE CATS PHOTOS:

Instant World Of Photography – Natural But Unique !

There’s just something about Polaroid-style Instant Photography. For some it’s that you get the best of both worlds; the mysterious, demonstrative experience of analogue film with the ‘right now’ convenience of digital. It’s spontaneous and it’s fun. CLICK HERE FOR MORE STRANGE MOMENTS AROUND THE WORLD:

Stunning Macro Photography of Cherry Blossoms

Taking photos from extreme close-up is called Macro Photography. In this category of photography images are captured of very small subjects such as small flowers, small animals like lady bugs or butterfly. Today we are sharing some beautiful cherry blossoms photographs captured by Andrea Becker from United States. These

Beautiful Models Photos Captured by yvART

Fashion photography has been in existence since long time ago. Photographers taking photos to help sell clothing and other things you see in market. Fashion photography is devoted to show clothing and other fashion items. Girls who are trying to be models use to hire photographers to capture their

LG Logo Redesign Concept by Design Boutique

This is an amazing concept for LG in a more modern and new way done by Design Boutique. Taking the old outdated LG logo and bringing it to the 21st century. We already posted about Design Boutique in our post New concept for Pepsi Logo. You can visit that

Fantastic Digital Art & Photo Manipulation by Elena Dudina

Elena Dudina is born in Russia. She spent her childhood and youth from one place to another. Living in Spain (Madrid) since 2002. She has always drawn and painted, since child. In 2004 started with sculpture too until she discovered Photoshop in 2008. Since then she works exclusively in